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Enduro Shield

EnduroShield's permanent protective coating for glass and tiles

EnduroShield TM is a non-stick protective coating that permanently bonds to the surface. This coating is only two molecules thick, and is invisible to the human eye. It does not change or alter the look and feel of the surface. It acts as a permanent shield to prevent contaminants from soaking into the surface, allowing this to sit on the outside of the coating instead. This creates an easy to clean surface, just like a non-stick fry pan. Continued laboratory and field testing over a number of years has shown that the frequency of cleaning is reduced by up to 90%. EnduroShield TM is non-toxic and environmentally friendly as it has an ethanol base.


  • Works on new or existing glass and tiles
  • Once only application: permanently bonds to the surface
  • Protects against corrosion and etching from contaminants including sea salts and pollution
  • Coating is UV stable
  • Maintenance costs are significantly reduced
  • Reduces frequency of cleaning by up to 90%
  • Non toxic and environmentally friendly
  • 10 year Guarantee when applied by an applicator to new glass & tiles
  • 3 year Guarantee on existing glass, tiles & grout

Once only application: permanently bonds to the glass

EnduroShield TM is not a traditional coating that sits on the glass, but chemically bonds, becoming a permanent extension to the surface.

Protects against corrosion and etching from contaminants including sea salts and pollution.

Untreated surfaces are porous and as a result, they absorbs contaminants and pollution which cause deterioration and discolouration. This deterioration etches and corrodes the surface making cleaning more frequent and difficult. EnduroShield TM seals the porosity and prevents this from occurring.

Coating is UV stable

EnduroShield Glass has now been exposed to UV testing for approximately 10,000 hours with minimal or no change to its properties. In order to accelerate testing, the panels are placed facing due north at an angle of 45°. EnduroShield TM has lost none of its properties after 12 months of exterior exposure.

Maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Because EnduroShield TM creates a permanent non-stick coating which reduces the frequency of cleaning by up to 90%, maintenance costs will be reduced.

The management team of EnduroShield TM averages 25 years experience and their lead chemist is a veteran with over 30 years in the industry. Their continuing growth is fueled by their commitment to innovation, service and quality.

Products available:

  • DIY kit for Glass up to 8 sq,m
  • DIY kit for tiles & grout up to 6 sq.m

DIY Kits or Professionally applied.


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